Health & Safety Information

Health & Safety Rules

  • Children are very welcome, but they must be at least 1.1 metres in height and physically capable of ascending and descending the staircases by themselves unaided.
  • Under no circumstances can children or babies be carried up or down the staircases, (this includes the use of baby carriers, papooses, etc.)
  • In many cases lighthouses are over a century old and some stone floors and stairs may be worn and uneven in places. They are regularly tested to ensure they are non-slip but please take great care.
  • Some staircases are also very steep and must be descended facing the stair. The Tour Guide will inform you if this is necessary.
  • Sensible footwear must be worn if you wish to ascend the lighthouse tower. Open toe sandals without heel straps, flip- flops, high-heeled footwear and bare or stocking feet are not permitted.
  • Trinity House regrets that due to the historic design of the building, these premises are not suitable for some physically less able people.
  • Anyone suffering from vertigo, heart or respiratory conditions is advised not to undertake the tour. If you have a cardiac pace maker, tell the Tour Guide and do not go within two metres of any operational RADAR.
  • The Tour Guide will give further advice on the above conditions, but has absolute discretion in preventing access if it is felt that health and safety regulations, or the safety of the visitor, or other members of the public will be compromised.